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Mostly known for its castles and ancient palaces, the country bears versatile monuments. Around 1 lakh tourists visit the continent annually so as to be a part of the enchanting masterpieces, monuments, and famous European landmarks.

The Europe tourist visa, also commonly referred to as the Tourist Schengen Visa, is one of the most stringent visas as compared to other countries.

There are two types of tourist visas:

  • The Schengen visa has both single entry
  • Multiple entry visas with a maximum stay period of 90 days.

How will MOI help you to apply?

  • MOI will make sure your eligibility to travel to Schengen countries
  • Collect your required documents for the visit which includes reason for the visit, round trip reservation, health insurance, proof of accommodation, and financial proofs.
  • MOI will fix the appointment at the embassy of the desired destination.
  • Helps you to pay tourist visa fee.
  • Apply for the visa

    The processing time takes a maximum of two weeks. However, in certain cases it might extend up to more weeks